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Enhance your skin care routine with silky serums and concentrated boosters that correct and improve the look and feel of dry, dull, sensitive or aging skin.

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Our sensitive facial skin requires meticulous care to keep it hydrated, youthful, and radiant. Instead of opting for a typical three-step skin care routine, boost your game by incorporating a serum or skin to your morning or evening routine to target your specific concerns. A skin serum or booster is a lightweight penetrative formula, packed with concentrated active ingredients, specifically designed to target a wide variety of skin issues and concerns. These gel-based or liquid skin boosters are more adept at bypassing the skin’s barrier than heavy creams or moisturizers. They don’t just sit on top, locking moisture in by creating a barrier but instead, go deep within to deliver a “shot” of active ingredients. Facial serum comes in all forms and functions from moisturizing, rich gels to silky, smooth brighteners - each serves its purpose depending on what your skin is undergoing. Serums and boosters target specific issues, from fine lines to irritated, flaky skin, and from dull patches to wrinkles. Instead of penetrating deep to relieve dryness like a hydrating serum, a skin booster activates, nourishes, or replenishes the natural bacteria on our skin that act as our first line of defense against mother nature’s elements. To target specific issues, serums will feature a certain key ingredient with higher concentrations. It’s important to select one that focuses on your skin care needs. To determine whether a serum is good for you, asses your skin then take a close look at the active ingredients contained in the serum’s formula. For dry skin needing a boost of hydration, opt for a formula rich in Hyaluronic Acid such as SKIN REGIMEN 1.85 HA BOOSTER, HYDRAMEMORY SERUM and SACRED NATURE YOUTH SERUM while if your skin is experiencing both dryness and sensitiveness, a soothing serum rich in prebiotics like REMEDY SERUM will be your skin savior. In case of wrinkles and aging skin, opt for richer textures and active ingredients that promote cell turnover like Retinol or Vitamin C. SUBLIME SKIN SERUM and SUBLIME SKIN OIL SERUM are specifically designed for aging skin, nourishing in depth while renewing and replumping the skin. By bolstering the skin’s natural abilities, skin boosters and serums increase the likelihood that your skin will respond to beneficial treatments and products applied within your skincare routine. Both serums and boosters can be applied once or twice daily and can be combined to fit your daily and nightly routine. [ comfort zone ] offers pleasant lightweight and richer formulas, easily absorbable and highly concentrated in active ingredients to cater all skin’s needs.

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