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Implement a targeted mask in your weekly skin care routine to detox, purify, firm, or hydrate.

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We often think of our skin care routine in three simple steps - cleanse, tone, and moisturize. However, including a face mask in your daily or weekly regimens can boost the efficacy of your products. Depending on your skin needs, adding the use of a mask in your routine to combat specific conditions, or as a complement to a detox, day may help you achieve all of your skin care goals. A hydrating face mask is a must for those seeking hydrated, radiant skin. Using a face cream or serum at night is a fantastic first step in locking in moisture while you sleep. However, depending on the climate, air quality, lifestyle factors, and age, your skin faces a wide variety of assailants all working to make it seem dull and lifeless. Applying a hydrating face mask before bed, like HYDRAMEMORY MASK or RENIGHT MASK, really allows skin to soak in a plethora of moisture while your body rests. In addition, it may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a simple step and solution to major skin care issues. Those with acne prone skin are often wary of applying anything additional to the sensitive facial area. However, a purifying face mask may be the missing link to correcting acne issues for good. When gentle cleansers and toners won’t do, a purifying face mask may help remove dirt, oil, and grime without stripping the face of natural oils. This can mitigate break outs, oily patches, and flare ups while encouraging the skin towards a better, healthier balance. To reveal a fresh, new layer of skin, a clay face mask like ACTIVE PURENESS MASK is just the ticket. The natural ingredients in earthen clay have the potential to absorb excess oils and prevent blemishes and breakouts. When used around hormonal flare ups, a clay mask may help keep troublesome acne at bay. Our clay face mask are designed to absorb excess oils without zapping skin of its natural moisture. For those on a quest detox the skin and restore its natural balance, an overnight detox mask like SKIN REGIMEN NIGHT DETOX will do the trick. This lightly scented, balmy formulation boosts the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins accumulated throughout the day. By utilizing Gluconolactone and Alpha-glucan Yeast, it regenerates and illuminate the skin while rebalancing both skin and mind with its natural aroma. In case of visible signs of aging, it's advisable to incorporate a firming face mask into any skin care routine. Mature skin becomes less inclined to hold on to moisture, which can lead to an increase in wrinkles and fine lines. Combat loose, sagging skin with a firming face mask like SUBLIME SKIN LIFT-MASK. Carefully researched ingredients - including Hyaluronic Acid* - stimulate cells and encourage them to retain many times the typical amount of moisture. Sublime Skin Lift-Mask is a leave-on formula designed to work overnight to firm and replump the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. As our body and skin thrive on natural enzymes, often thrown off balance due to daily stressors like lifestyle factors, weather, or seasonal changes, an enzyme face mask like our ESSENTIAL PEELING can restore gently our skin’s natural balance by infusing it with many vitamins and minerals. Enzymes may also help our skin retain a more even tone and texture because they encourage exfoliation, hydrating, and firming. Remember to choose carefully the proper mask to add to your skincare routine, based on your skin needs, to achieve the desired results.

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