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Now more than ever, looking ten years younger is achievable through natural, high-quality skin care products. Follow these lifestyle and beauty tips to turn back the hands of time.


In order to turn back the hands of time, we must identify what pushes them forward in the first place. 

It would seem that taking good care of our skin, using a moisturizer, getting adequate sleep, and staying out of the sun would seemingly provide youthful, glowing skin well into your forties. However, that’s simply not the case when confronting the aging process. A whole host of external and internal forces work against our skin as time goes on causing premature aging. Fortunately, there are ways to look ten years younger - without expensive, risky surgeries - that are sustainable and healthy. Before digging into these tips and tricks, let’s look at what ages our skin in the first place.

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✘ Weather

There’s still one thing you can’t control in this modern world - the weather. Depending on the climate you live in, the external air temperature and moisture content could be zapping your skin of its youth and vigor. Dry, hot climates are extremely harsh on the epidermis and cause it to lose moisture at a rapid pace each day. Likewise, extremely cold climates, both humid and dry, can cause wear and tear as your skin struggles to remain balanced amidst a freezing assault. Harsh, freezing wind can wick away any ounce of moisture on your skin’s barrier, causing chapping, flaking, and irritation. Dramatically changing climates - such as the desert with hot dry days and cold windy nights - can be especially damaging, causing chronically dry skin.

✘ Poor Diet

Like every other organ in the body, the skin relies on healthy nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and water to function properly. Putting in toxins, synthetic ingredients, and chemicals causes damage. Refined sugars, alcohol, excess salt, and the like cause our bodies to work overtime in processing, using more energy and water. What little minerals, vitamins, or anti-oxidants we have consumed with a poor diet are not enough to fuel each of our body’s intricate systems adequately.

✘ Inadequate Hydration

The body is 60% water on average. The largest organ in the body - the epidermis- is composed of 64% water, meaning it’s crucial to remain hydrated if we want our skin to look and feel its absolute best. Just one day without proper water intake (approximately 3-4 liters for the average adult) can leave us under-hydrated.

Our skin thirsts for water and can show signs of dehydration almost immediately. The lips will start to chap, the skin around the forehead and mouth tightens, and our hands can even feel dry and scratchy. Water plumps our cells up - including the millions that make up our skin.

✘ Bad Habits

Lifestyles choices have some say in how young or old our skin can look. Smoking cigarettes is especially damaging and has long been proven to cause premature aging. Equally, alcohol consumption zaps our body of its youth and vibrance, dehydrating our entire system and leading to damaged, dry, and dull skin. A lack of sleep and exercise can also hinder a youthful-looking appearance. It’s recommended that adults get approximately 8 hours a night of sleep and so many are falling short of this. An inadequate night’s sleep can throw off our appetite, cause dark circles, disrupt our workout schedule, and cause mental stress.

comfort zone sublime skin
comfort zone sublime skin
comfort zone sublime skin


While we can’t entirely halt the aging process - thanks to Father Time - we can prevent and reduce the signs of his presence in a number of ways.

✔ HealthyEating

A diet packed full of whole foods, healthy grains, and seasonal producehelps our skin recover each day from external stressors and environmental wear and tear. Processing healthy foods is also easier for our body and help its entire system work better. The skin’s natural barrier is a sensitive one prone to imbalances, that can leave your face, neck, and entire body exposed to nature’s whims. A healthy diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fats, and minerals allows the skin to better self-regulate, fostering a balanced ecosystem.

✔ Proper Hydration

As mentioned above, poor hydration instantly zaps the skin of water, whereas sufficient water intake is immensely helpful. To remain taut, youthful, and glowing, the skin needs ample amounts of water. When paired with hydrating skincare products, water intake is one of the best things you can do to turn back the hands of time.

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✔ Skin Protection

The life-giving, earth warming sunshine is unfortunately to blame for our aging skin. There’s no denying that basking in its rays gives us much-needed vitamin D and an enviable tan, but too much time spent in the sun without SPF protection can be detrimental to youthful skin

A high-quality sunscreen, like our products from [ comfort zone ] Sun Soul line, made with biomimetic peptides to counteract signs of aging is the skin’s best defense against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Seeing a dermatologist regularly to stay on top of moles and sunspots may also prove beneficial to staying healthy in the sun.

✔ Daily Skincare Regimen

Establishing a skincare routine for morning and night can help restore skin to its natural balance at the beginning and end of each day. Our skin works wonders in the way of protecting us against everything we encounter and, over time, is likely to show some battle scars in the way of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Creating a nourishing, hydrating multi-step routine is helpful in minimizing the signs of aging. High-quality products rich in antioxidants, collagen, vitamins, and peptides are your best defense against father time.

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While we can’t entirely halt the aging process - thanks to Father Time - we can prevent and reduce the signs of his presence in a number of ways. Read on and discover what lines and products best address the needs of your aging skin, from nourishment to correction.

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Water is the most important life-giving substance on this planet, making it one of the best things you can put in and on your body. [comfort zone ] blends nature with science to make a powerful, effective anti-aging line of moisturizers, serums, and masks that boost the skin’s natural hydration efforts.

Hyaluronic aciddelivers additionalmoistureto thirsty skin, helping it retainmuch more than it can naturally.Hydramemory Mask works wonders on tired, dull skin for an immediate dewy, glowing complexion. Torefresh your eye contour, the gentle formula ofHydramemory Eye Gel reduces bags and smooths out puffiness in the thin, under-eye region. 


Oil-based surfactants and Sugar Beet extract shine in thisgo-to cleansing line.[ comfort zone ]’s Essential line offers hum-drum daily routines an added boost. Cleansing your skin is a fundamental step in any anti-aging focused skincare routine. Your skin can’t properly absorb moisturizers, serums, and hydrating masks without first being free from dirt, sweat, and grime.

Essential Micellar Water’s fresh, delicate formula made with Betaineremoves makeup gently and efficiently without the need for washing afterward.Essential Toner applied afterwards is analcohol-free toner that willrebalance your skin without drying it out. No matter your skin type, choose any cleanser from theEssential line and your skin will sure thank you.

comfort zone essential


City-dwellers can rest easy knowing their skin is in good hands.Skin Regimen was formulated with urban dwellers in mind. Each product in theSkin Regimen line is designed to combat the harmful, aging effects of man-made pollutants and daily stressors.

The unisex products include age protecting moisturizers, creams, boosters, and overnight masks. Additionally, this complete line boasts products to round out any skin-care routine.Skin Regimen 1.5 Retinol Booster is a concentratedanti-wrinkle formula made to target fine lines but gentle enough to be used frequently. The1.0 Tea Tree Boosterworks to heal imperfections like zits, whiteheads, and recurring breakout zones. Internal and external stressors wreak havoc on our sensitive skin. Accentuate your skin’s natural beauty and put your freshest face forward. 

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This anti-aging focused skincare line ensures you feel and look your best no matter your age.Sublime Skin’s conscious formulas work toplump and firm tired, sagging skin. The supple, creamy formula ofSublime Skin Rich Cream targets mature skin, in particular the fine lines around the face, cheeks, and forehead. Additionally, the line includes other star products like alifting mask, eye cream, firming serum, and more. TheSublime Skin Color Perfect matches skin tone and acts as a sunscreen and concealer, hiding age spots while preventing others from forming. 

comfort zone sublime skin

Adopt a new mindset on aging

Our society has long taught us that youthfulness is only skin deep. However, this mindset is quickly changing. A healthy, confident mind, body, and spirit are quickly becoming beauty’s calling cards.

Taking good care of your skin and body by using high-quality, natural products allows graceful aging - one that isn’t prompted by fast-paced lifestyles or extreme stressors. When we nurture our physical bodies with premium personal care products, we feel more confident about ourselves and excited about life. When fostered, this type of vibrance will never fade.

Aging is a privilege that some don’t get. As we change from season to season, so too should our skincare regimen.[ comfort zone ] formulates each product with its user in mind by taking special care to use the finest, organic and natural ingredients. As a certified B Corp, we go beyond simply providing fantastic skincare options. We act as stewards of the planet, striving to leave this earth better than we found it. You can rest easy and feel confident in knowing your purchases are also more than skin deep.

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